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Geography of projects
Khabarovskiy kray
Darpirchanskaya area
The Komsomolsk Cluster
Magadanskaya oblast
Zabaykalskiy kray
Lugiinskoye Gold Field
Chukotskiy ao
The Chukotka cluster
Primorskiy kray
Porozhistoye gold field
Sakha yakutiya
Morozkinskoye Gold Field
Sverdlovskaya oblast
Vilyuiskaya Gold Field
Gold assets
Copper assets
About the company

We specialize in capital investments in mining facilities. 

Part of our strategy is also building partnerships with investors for joint implementation of current and launch of future projects.

The main assets of "NRK gold" are gold assets located in the Sverdlovsk, Magadan, Zabaikalsky, Primorsky regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Chukotka Autonomous Area. The company also holds a number of licenses for promising copper projects in the Zabaikalsky and Khabarovsk regions.

Based on the results of exploration work in 2018-2021 the expected volume of reserves under the "NRK gold" anchor projects will exceed 150 tons of gold.

"New Mining Company" attracts major contractors for cooperation on our objects, including OKG Group, Wardell Armstrong, NIIPI TOMS and international laboratories ALS and SGS.

135-150 tons
total reserves potential based on the results of exploration in 2021
8-10 tons per year
projected production in 5 years
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